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Joe Cabot

Joe Cabot is one of the main characters of Reservoir Dogs and the organizer of the diamond heist. He is a long-time friend of Mr. White. He is potrayed by the late Lawrence Tierney.


Not much is known about Joe but he is in his late 50s-to-early 70s. He was married and his wife had his son Nice Guy Eddie.

Organizing the HeistEdit

Meeting with His ChoicesEdit

When he organized the heist, his first choice was Mr. White. He succeeds into recruiting him. He then recruits Mr. Blonde when he comes to visit Joe and his son since his four-year imprisonment in jail. Later at a meeting about explaining the diamond heist, he gives his men except for Eddie their coloured-code alias, in which an brief argument begans between him and Mr. Pink (because Mr. Pink questions him about his color in his alias).


At the diner, as Mr. Brown is talking about Madonna's "Like a Virgin", Joe writes certain people's names in an adress book. Mr. White then takes this away from Joe and mocks him. Joe is annoyed and goes to the restroom. When he comes back, he realizes that Mr. Pink didn't tip. He orders Pink to do so before the men leaves for the heist.

The HeistEdit

When the heist becomes botched and awry, Eddie informs his father about the heist, which Joe is "pissed" about.


Near the end of the film, Joe appears and enters the warehouse, in which the policemen moves in. Soon as Joe enters, he reveals that Mr. Orange is working for the Los Angeles Police Department. Mr. Orange denies this and Mr. White defends the wounded Orange, saying that Joe is wrong. Joe states that he knows about this from his own instincts, much to White's dismissal. Joe then draws his gun on Orange, forcing White to point his gun at Joe,  with Eddie interfering. Joe then shoots Mr. Orange, leading to White to shoot Joe in the side of his chest and arm, killing him and Eddie is also killed after wounding White with a shot in the abdomen.